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How to Keep Fit Outside of the Gym


These days, it seems like the world is focused on weight loss. The news and commercial media are saturated by diet fads and weight loss solutions and in recent years reality-based television has made a killing off saving the lives of the morbidly obese. The "Biggest Loser" and "Honey We're Killing the Kids" show us how dangerous it is to live sedentary lives, but obesity is a disease that runs rampant in the United States. While 78 percent of Americans don't get the recommended amount of daily activity, another 25 percent are completely sedentary. Many people say they don't have the time to workout, while others say they can't afford an expensive gym membership or trainer, but there is no reason that you can't get a great workout for free. Here's how to exercise outside of a gym, so that you're not one of the 58 million Americans that must call themselves obese.


1.Run, bike, walk, roller blade or swim. Pick your poison and get outside. These are some of the most important and easiest ways to get a cardio workout--the key to any successful workout regimen--and anyone can do it. If you haven't exercised in ages, start with a slow and easy workout and give yourself two weeks to increase in speed and distance.


慢跑,远足,骑车,游泳,滑轮…… 这些都是最简单也是对你的身体健康来说重要无比的有氧锻炼。请根据自己的喜好从这些运动中选择一样,然后出门,运动,然后坚持运动下去。需要注意的是,如果你已经很长时间没有做大强度的运动了,你可以先从短距离小运动量的锻炼开始,让你的身体适应运动量后再酌情慢慢增加运动强度和锻炼时间。贵在坚持!http://www.24en.com爱思英语网

2.Pilates and yoga are all the rage, but these classes can put you out hundreds of bucks every month. Lucky for us, most of these exercises--created to target the core muscles and tone the body--can easily be done at home. Pilates and yoga movements can be personalized to each individual's strengths and abilities, and are the perfect way to keep the body strong and healthy. Make sure to do a little research, read some books or watch a DVD, so that you don't injure yourself trying to manipulate an exercise incorrectly.



3.Take a dance class or invite your friends over for a mini dance party. Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise because you don't realize that you're exercising. The main reason people avoid exercise is because it's "boring" or "monotonous," but dancing tricks the mind because you're exercising while doing something you enjoy.


4.There are also alternatives to formal gym exercises as well. Nutritionists say that 45 minutes of physical activity each day will increase your life expectancy up to five years. Cleaning your house with all the bending, hovering and stretching to clean those hard to reach spots can be an arduous task. Any activity that makes you break a sweat is getting your heart moving and increasing your metabolic heart rate.http://www.24en.com爱思英语网


5.The next time you head out to the store or the mall to do some shopping, increase your walking pace by half your normal rate. Walking is something that we do everyday and by increasing the pace that you normally walk, you'll also increase your heart rate, which in turn burns calories and increases heart health.



6.Go for a hike. Hiking is a great way to get a little exercise while taking in the sites around your neighborhood or town. The best part about hiking is that it generally involves several different types of movement; from scaling steep hills, maneuvering down slopes and pushing gentle inclines. A 45-minute hike can, in effect, work out every major muscle group in your body.

第六,去远足吧。 去远足吧。 徒步远足是一个运动起来不激烈的锻炼方式。你可以选择你居住城市的郊区做为远足的目的地。远足的好处就是在远足的过程中你能经历不同程度的锻炼。比如上下坡,上下台阶等等都是很好的锻炼。45分钟的远足完全能锻炼到你身上的每一块肌肉。

7.Use your bike as an alternative to the car. Of course this isn't always possible, but there are many times when a person could easily ride their bike instead of driving the car. If it's possible and safe, cycle to work. This isn't just a great exercise routine for you, but it's also a great way to save money and help out the environment.



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